BBQ at Home: How to Build a DIY Grill Station
Imagine sinking your teeth into a cut of steak that has been grilled to perfection. Now, imagine being able to make that for yourself at home with your very own DIY grill station. For some people, barbecue grilling has practically become a way of life. They have parties centered around their grill and competitions for the best meat. Why not bring this tradition home to your very own backyard with a DIY outdoor grill station? The inside of our home often receives most of the focus when it comes to design and investment. However, the outdoor space on a property can present just as much value. Going outside gives you quite a bit more space when you are hosting or celebrating with friends and family. Traditional holidays take on a new feeling in the fresh air and relaxed atmosphere. Building a barbecue grill in your exterior space opens up a whole new realm of possibilities, not to mention delicious meals.

What is a DIY Grill Station?

A barbecue grill is one that cooks food by sending the heat upwards from a heat source below. There are three primary categories for these grills: gas-fueled, electric, and charcoal. It is up for debate which of these grills produces a better taste. Which do you prefer?


Barbecue grills that run on gas normally use butane, natural gas, or propane in a tank stored below or connected at the side. In a gas-fueled barbecue grill, the gas is ignited into flames, cooking the food to a flame-broiled finish.


Electric grills are those powered by electricity. They offer excellent temperature control but are not as common for a barbecue grill since they do not tend to produce any smoke, which some people consider essential in a barbecue.


Charcoal grills provide the classic, smokey flame-broiled flavor that is so sought after in barbecued food. The type of briquettes you use, and any wood chips you may add,
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