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  1. 12 Tips for Proper Long-Term Car Storage

    proper long term car storage

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  2. How to Prevent Car Rust: A Simple Guide for All Seasons

    How to Prevent Car Rust

    Rust on a car is a serious problem. Not only does it look terrible and lower the value of your car, but it’s also a “silent killer.” Left untreated, rust can cause major safety issues. Luckily, it’s also entirely preventable.

    The following guide will discuss the different types of rust that can develop on the car, explain how to prevent it, and debunk some of the most common urban legends about rust on cars. With this knowledge, you’ll be able to keep rust at bay so your car continues looking great for years to come.

    What Is Rust?

    When learning how to prevent car rust, it’s helpful to understand what it is and where it comes from. The word “rust” is actually short for “red dust,” named after its color and texture. It’s caused by a breakdown of iron-based materials, called oxidation. This happens when iron comes into contact with oxygen and water.

    Rust on cars typically happens in stages. If it’s not taken care of when it first occurs, it will continue to progress, causing more damage. Let's take a look at the types of rust that can form on a motor vehicle: 

    Surface Rust

    You’ll often experience surface rust when your car’s paint breaks down over time. This can be caused by a prolonged over-exposure to the sun’s UV rays or by mechanical damage such as scratches, scrapes, and dents. It's also important to note that bird droppings are acidic, so leaving them on your car can also lead to rust.

    It’s often possible to remove surface rust using high-grade sandpaper or an abrasive wheel to grind it down until the paint and rust are gone, and shiny metal is exposed. Then, you’ll need to prime the area before applying new paint.

    “Bubble Rust”

    Left untreated, surface rust often creates “scales,” also called “bubble rust.” This happens when surface rust expands and flakes, exposing the metal underneath. When that metal starts to corrode, the rust will continue going deeper, creating “scales.”


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  3. How to Prevent Car Rust

    How to Prevent Car Rust
    If you’re trying to keep your car in perfect working condition, you probably make sure to get the oil changed regularly and rotate your tires. But often times, you may not think about how important it is to prevent rust. Not only is it unsightly, it can also badly damage your vehicle. Here are some tips and tricks to use to learn how to prevent car rust.

    What Exactly is Rust, Anyway?

    By definition, rust is a reddish or yellowish-brown flaky coating of iron oxide formed on iron or steel by oxidation. Rust occurs when iron reacts with oxygen and water. It’s something you certainly don’t want to see on the beautiful shiny paint job on your car. And it’s not only a cosmetic problem: left untreated, it can actually damage the integrity of the structure, according to Metal Supermarket. That’s why it’s so important to learn how to prevent car rust.

    How to Prevent Car Rust Before It Starts

    By now, you know oxidation can wreak havoc on your vehicle. What's the easiest way to prevent rust? You should keep your car out of the elements. Parking your car in a storage garage is the most important step to take first. No matter what vehicle you own, the ShelterTube Garage is the ultimate fabric cover shelter that will keep your car safe in a harsh environment. If you’re wondering how to prevent car rust, this is your answer. The best part about this storage solution is the customization. The 12 ft. wide shelter can be ordered up to 100 ft. long! That means if you want to store something even larger than a vehicle, or want to add some more storage space, you have that option. In addition, you
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