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  1. 5 Fun Ways to Use a Gazebo with Curtains

    5 Fun Ways to Use a Gazebo with Curtains

    When the sun is too hot or if rain threatens to cancel your plans, a shelter like a gazebo can keep the outdoors enjoyable. However, hot weather and storms aren’t the only threat to a good time outdoors. Summer weather also brings out the bugs and hot sun, which can seriously put a damper on an outdoor soirée.

    Beat insects and blistering temperatures at their own game by outfitting your structure with gazebo curtains. This expands your entertainment options by giving you the ability to block out any excess wind and sunlight on all sides. 

    Gazebo curtains also serve as an additional barrier against pesky mosquitoes, wasps, and other nuisance pests. This guide will explain how curtains can make outdoor time more enjoyable and give you some fun gazebo ideas for your next social event.

    Why Gazebo Curtains Matter

    Gazebo curtains add an extra layer of protection from outdoor elements. While most Sojag shelters come with tinted bug screens, these barriers are perforated to allow the open fresh air breezes. Bug screens grant you more exposure to outdoor elements — which is excellent when you’re in the mood for full sun and wind. However, sometimes you want more privacy or protection from events such as a mild rainstorm or a day that is particularly hot. 

    This is why Sojag makes summer curtains that you can add to your gazebo. They are useful accessories for a shelter that needs coverage beyond bug protection. They add more privacy and shade from the sun and can block wind-driven rain. 

    When you have both bug screens and curtains, you get the best of your yard while leaving out all the elements that make it difficult to sit outside long-term. You don’t need to slather on bug repellent or sunscreen every time you enter a gazebo with double curtains because you’re entering a protecte

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  2. Upgrade Your Backyard with an Outdoor Permanent Gazebo

    Upgrade Your Backyard with an Outdoor Permanent Gazebo

    Spending time outside is an excellent mood booster. Not only does it change the scenery, but it alleviates any "stuffy" feelings if you have been inside for too long. When you have an backyard living setup with a shelter like an outdoor permanent gazebo, it’s possible to get some fresh air any time of the year — rain or shine! By enhancing your backyard, you can expand your home’s potential and create more options for relaxation and entertaining. 

    permanent gazebo can become practically anything you want it to be, from an outdoor play place to a picnic area. It’s different from a portable fold-up gazebo that can be tucked away in off-seasons. Instead, a permanent gazebo is built to stay outside all year and handle all types of weather conditions. It comes with mosquito netting and nylon drapes to keep out rain, wind, cold, and bugs. Here’s how to upgrade your backyard with a permanent gazebo.

    Material Options

    Gazebos are typically made of wood, metal, or vinyl. Strong metals like steel are used for permanent gazebos that stay in the same spot for years. You’ll find both prefabricated and custom gazebos in this material. Wood is also a popular material for permanent gazebos and is more commonly seen in custom units. These materials cost more because the results are longer lasting, and the structures require more tools, skill, and labor to install.

    Homeowners who prefer something more affordable and portable opt for gazebos made of vinyl or light metals like aluminum. These “popup” solutions often have fabric or canvas tops and are light enough to assemble and take down with minimal assistance. Some gazebos are light enoug

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  3. Wall-Mounted or Freestanding Outdoor Gazebos: Which is Best for You?

    Wall-Mounted or Freestanding Outdoor Gazebos: Which is Best for You?

    Imagine starting your day with a great cup of coffee in the shade of an outdoor gazebo. You can turn this dream into a reality with a stylish backyard gazebo from SOJAG, but how do you know which type of outdoor gazebos is best for you? A wall-mounted gazebo creates a protective cover over your back deck or patio. On the other hand, a freestanding gazebo will create a shady spot anywhere in your yard. Here’s everything you need to know about outdoor gazebos to help you make the right decision.

    Wall-Mounted Gazebos

    Wall-mounted gazebos are the perfect way to upgrade your backyard deck. As the name suggests, wall-mounted gazebos are attached to an exterior wall of your home. SOJAG wall-mounted gazebos have powder-coated aluminum frames that provide stylish support. The galvanized steel or polycarbonate roof provides protection from UV rays and heavy rain. They’re also strong enough to withstand snowstorms in the winter. On hot days you can enjoy the cool breeze wafting through the three open sides of your wall-mounted gazebo. Then, on cool evenings, you can opt for added protection from bugs or cold weather by using mosquito netting or curtains. You can enclose the gazebo to create a sheltered space and extend your outdoor season well into the fall or winter.

    Freestanding Gazebos

    Unlike wall-mounted gazebos,

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