1. Building a Sunroom Addition: How a Sunroom Adds Style and Value to Your Home

    Building a Sunroom Addition: How a Sunroom Adds Style and Value to Your Home

    Has the weather been chasing you indoors? It can be hard to enjoy your backyard when it’s too sunny or too cold. If you’re tired of fighting with the elements, building a sunroom addition is a stylish way you can make the most of your yard. A sunroom addition can transform your backyard. Building a sunroom will enable you to enjoy your yard year-round and relax outdoors without worrying about the weather. With a sunroom kit from SOJAG, you can easily add style and value to your property. Read on to learn how to build a sunroom addition in your yard, and get ready to spend more time outside.

    Advantages of Building a Sunroom on Your Property

    A sunroom addition brings incredible value to your property. They’re designed to let in natural light while still protecting you from the elements. Sunrooms, also called solariums, provide endless possibilities for backyard fun and entertainment. Let your imagination run wild with a sunroom addition. You can easily create an outdoor living room, reading nook, or craft room. You can host a family dinner under the stars, or enjoy a relaxing evening with the perfect view of the garden.

    Expand Your Living Space

    A well-constructed sunroom is the perfect addition to any home. A solarium will expand your living space by giving you a versatile room in your backyard. Turn your sunroom addition into a home office, a workout room, or even an outdoor entertainment room. With a sunroom kit, you can easily make the most of the outdoor season without worrying about the heat, cold, rain, or bugs.

    Enjoy Greater Convenience

    A sunroom addition provides shelter the whole year, and you can leave your outdoor space set up year-round. You won’t need to pack up your patio furniture in the fall or put it up again in the

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  2. 11 Ways to Heat Your Sunroom in the Winter

    How to Heat a Sunroom in the Winter Months

    Did you know that a sunroom can drastically increase your home’s resale value? Whether you intend to sell your home or not, a sunroom can add coziness to it.

    A sunroom can allow you to enjoy the outdoors during inclement weather, free from insects and protected from the wind. But a sunroom, which is also known as a solarium or a Florida room, is only comfortable until it’s wintertime, and you may end up spending less time using it.

    Fortunately, with a relevant heater for a sunroom, you can comfortably heat a sunroom in the winter and enjoy your time there as though you’re still in summer. Want to find out how you can heat your sunroom in the winter? Read on to draw insights!

    Install Weather Strips

    Weather stripping can shield your sunroom from external moisture or rain, which can penetrate through the windows or doors. A weather stripping can also help you contain your interior air to save you unwanted energy bills while maximizing your winter comfort.

    You can choose a V strip tension seal along with your sliding windows or along the sides of your double-hung windows. This V strip can also act as a good seal for your door sides. Also, you can use a felt around your window and door sashes.

    Utilize Plastic Window Kits

    Plastic window wrap kits can reduce drafts and make a solarium feel warmer during the winter. They are also a relatively inexpensive way to reduce condensation buildup and lower energy bills.

    Window wraps are clear plastic sheets that stop cold air from entering through unseen gaps in your window framework. These window kits can be purchased at just about any local hardware or home improvement store.

    Installation requires little more than scissors, a utility knife, tape measure, hair dryer, cotton balls, rubbing alcohol and some double-sided tape or magnetic tape.

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