Using a Gazebo on a Commercial Property
Metal gazebos can be a great way to make your commercial property more appealing, enjoyable, and valuable. There are many different ways to utilize a gazebo on commercial real estate in an easy and cost-effective way. The best thing about metal gazebos is that you can tailor them to match your style whether that’s elegant, modern, romantic, or quirky.

What Is a Gazebo?

At the base level, a gazebo is a roofed structure with open sides meant to provide shelter from the elements and add a beautiful outdoor decoration. Most gazebos are self-supported, though some can also attach to a garden wall or other structure. Gazebos typically require a solid, level foundation of soil or grass, concrete, or wood. The traditional gazebo shapes are hexagonal, square, or circular with a pointed roof, but you can also get creative with exactly how you want your gazebo to look. For a more enclosed feeling, gazebos can also have railings around the outside or curtains or bug netting that you can draw around the perimeter. Gazebos come in a variety of different materials including wood, metal, vinyl, or a combination. Many also can have cloth roofs.

Benefits of a Metal Gazebo For a Commercial Property

Metal gazebos made of aluminum or steel are popular among homeowners and businesses for their durability, modern look, and affordable price point. Standard gazebos tend to have powder-coated aluminum or a combination of aluminum and steel. Superior gazebos use a mix of polycarbonate and steel. Premium gazebos offer the ultimate sophistication and durability with rust-resistant galvanized steel.

Easily Installed

Metal gazebos can easily ship directly to you fully or partially set up, so it requires very little work on your part. You can also arrange for a team to take care of the assembly for you so you don’t have to worry about any of the installation process other than where to put it and how much your customers will appreciate it.


There are so many different variations of the classic backyard gazebo that if you want, you can ensure you get a one-of-a-kind design. With coloring, roof shape, materials, size, structure shape, and side coverage, you can really personalize your gazebo to get exactly what you and your customers want.


There are few things more picturesque than a stunning gazebo canopy in a natural environment. It adds that extra wow factor to an outdoor space that can be difficult to achieve in any other way. Getting the right gazebo for your commercial real estate can draw your potential customers or clients in and keep them happy while they enjoy time outdoors.


These beautiful structures aren’t just for the photo opportunity either. Hardtop gazebos with optional curtains or mosquito netting, gazebos also offer excellent cover from sun, rain, or snow and help keep your customers and employees happy even when the weather isn’t cooperating.

11 Different Uses for a Gazebo on Commercial Property

A gazebo isn’t just a single-use structure — you can use a gazebo in a variety of different situations to add style, luxury, and value to your property without a huge amount of effort. Plus, your gazebo can work overtime for your commercial property and easily work for many of these uses at the same time.

Valet Parking Areas

If you want to provide off-site parking for your customers, a valet station is an excellent option to offer. With a covered shelter like a gazebo, it gives both your employees and your customers a dry place to manage cars or wait for their car to come.

Information Booths

A small gazebo is a great place to set up an information booth, especially if you need a little extra room. Whether your information booth involves a bulletin with maps and event postings or a live person to provide detailed information, a gazebo will shelter visitors and employees from the elements. A gazebo’s attractive appearance also creates a welcoming space and an easy-to-spot location.

Bus and Uber Stops

Waiting in the rain for a bus or Uber is annoying and doesn’t leave anyone in great spirits. Even worse is missing the bus because you were waiting inside of a building to avoid the rain. If your customers frequently use buses or Ubers to access your place of business, adding a comfortable spot for them to wait can elevate your customers’ experience in a major way.

Pavilion and Patio Covers

Don’t let your outdoor patio go unused if it’s raining or overly sunny — a gazebo is a stylish way to create a pavilion or cover your patio. Let your customers relax in the shade of a gazebo to socialize with friends, have an outdoor yoga session, or enjoy a cold beer after a long day. Gazebos can be as casual or elegant as you want them to be and they can always be dressed up for special occasions.

Outdoor Party Venue

If you have a bit more space, larger gazebos can be lovely places to rent out for large parties, weddings, dances, or other events. A large gazebo can ensure that any outdoor arrangements don’t get rained out. Plus, gazebos can be customized for any occasion by adding decorations such as twinkle lights or streamers. Even a smaller, more intimate gazebo can add a lovely touch to an outdoor event like a wedding. Imagine a cute little gazebo decked out in flowers and lights with sheer white curtains flowing in the wind. For bigger gazebos, add a smooth wood floor and create a spectacular dance floor for first dances, father-daughter dances, or even ballroom dance events.

Pool Cabanas

Upgrade your poolside experience by adding a luxury pool cabana next to it. For hotels, resorts, or outdoor pools, having a gazebo to cover a bar, seating area, or lounge chairs is a great way to give your customers the royal treatment. It also helps transform a standard pool into a more statement-worthy attraction and invites people to lounge under the gazebo. Alternatively, set up multiple gazebos lining the pool so that all of your guests can enjoy their own semi-private pool spot.

Hot Tub Coverage

If you’ve never enjoyed a hot tub session during a rain or snowstorm, you’re missing out. The cold air and hot water complement each other with wonderful contrast. Add in the direct coverage from rain or snow and you can lounge in warmth without worry of the weather. You can create a lovely little sanctuary for your commercial property’s hot tub. Plus, the gazebo adds a bit more privacy to the tub, especially with the addition of curtains or netting.

Entrance Areas

Wow your guests with a welcoming outdoor gazebo entrance. The front of your property is the first impression of your company and you want it to make a statement that will attract customers. A gazebo at the front of your property gives you a chance to do just that without having to change anything about your actual building. With the right gazebo, you can make your entrance area sparkle and provide a place for people to gather when inclement weather strikes.

Dining Areas

Outdoor dining has become essential for any restaurant or food business during the pandemic, but with the weather getting colder and wetter, you’ll want to provide your patrons with a little extra coverage. A gazebo provides overhead coverage without limiting airflow or taking away the outdoor ambiance. Plus, with rain coverage, you’re not limited to water-resistant furniture and you can provide a seriously luxurious dining experience.

Instagram-Worthy Photo Opportunity

With a beautiful, eye-catching gazebo on your property, it’s only a matter of time until it starts to get some social media attention. Let your gazebo frame visiting Instagramers’ photos. They will add your property’s geotag or tag your business, and you will get free publicity. Even if it’s not for Instagram, adding a picture-perfect gazebo for photo opportunities gives your customers a place where they can make memories and look back on their experience with fondness.

Bandstand and Performance Space

With a raised foundation or platform, a gazebo can instantly transform into an outdoor performance space for bars, hotels, restaurants, or festival venues. With a big enough gazebo, the area can display the band and shelter both the musicians and their instruments. Having a metal gazebo for event coverage also reduces the chance of cancellations due to bad weather.

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